After being released in 1970 M*A*S*H has had great success with film industry awards from 1971-2003. From Oscars to BAFTA’s this film has been nominated for over 30 awards and has now received titles that are recognised all over the world. These are just some of the awards that M*A*S*H has received:

  • Academy Award – Oscar, best writing, screenplay based on material from another medium (1971)
  • Golden Globes – Best motion picture, musical/comedy (1971)
  • ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards – Most performed feature film standards (1988)
  • Cannes Film Festival – Palme d’Or, Robert Altman (1970)
  • DVD Exclusive Awards – Original retrospective documentary, library release, J.M. Kenny (2003)
  • Kansas City Film Critics Circle Awards – Best supporting actress, Sally Kellerman & best director, Robert Altman (1970)
  • Laurel Awards – Best comedy performance male, Elliott Gould & best comedy performance female, Sally Kellerman (1971)

Are you the ultimate M*A*S*H fan?

M*A*S*H was one of the greatest TV series ever recorded. Since stopping in 1983, there are still diehard fans around today that regularly re-watch the series and reignite their love for it. Even today, some fans are purchasing merchandise to show their dedication to the cast.

Here are the top 5 of fandom merchandise that every fan has

  1. T-shirts – shirts are the most basic type of merchandise and even the most casual fan is likely to have one somewhere. Make yours here.
  2. Posters – many fans will have posters, even if it’s just a small one. Others will have covered their entire bedroom walls with posters.
  3. Phone Case – phone cases are always fun as in most cases you can design them yourself. For personalised iPhone cases see this site.