Main Mash Characters

Name: Benjamin Franklin Pierce
Rank: Captain USAMC
Serial No: US12836413

Named Hawkeye by his father, Dr. Daniel Pierce, after a character in the book “The Last of the Mohicans”, he was born and raised in Crabapple Cove Maine. As a boy he worked at Ballinger’s Drugstore making deliveries on his bicycle. He did his medical residency in Boston and it was here he first met Trapper John. While in Boston he lived with Carlye Breslin.

Name: John Francis Xavier McIntyre
Rank: Captain USAMC
Serial No: ER60304734

He got his nickname after he ‘trapped’ a beauty queen in the toilet of the Boston-Maine express train. His hometown is Boston and he is married with 2 daughters Becky and Kathy. His favorite baseball team is the Boston Red Sox.

Name: Henry Braymore Blake
Rank: Lt Colonel
Serial No:

His hometown is Bloomington, Illinois. He attended the University of Illinois. Is married to Lorraine and has a son Andrew and 2 daughters Molly and Janie.

Name: Frank Marion Burns
Rank: Major
Serial No: ER61109398

Born April 13th his hometown is Fort Wayne, Indiana. Married to Louise and has 3 daughters. He was president of his school stamp club and wrote for the school newspaper.

Name: Margaret “Hotlips” Houlihan
Rank: Major
Serial No: RA31619185

She was born in an army hospital and spent her early years at Fort Ord, California. Her father is “Howitzer” Al Houlihan and her mother was an army nurse. Stationed in Tokyo before going to the 4077th. Has a sister who is also an Army Nurse.

Name: Walter “Radar” O’Reilly
Rank: Corporal
Serial No: US56349216

Radar was born and raised on a farm in Ottumwa, Iowa. His Father died when he was very young. He’s nicknamed Radar because of his unnerving ability to know about things before they happen. Favorite drink is Grape Nehi. Enlisted in the army when he was 18. He wanted to be a Marine but failed the medical.

Name: Sherman T. Potter
Rank : Colonel
Serial No : RA41021629

Hometown Hannibal, Missouri. Named after the famous General William ‘T’ Sherman, he left home at 15 to join the cavalry. After serving in the first world war he was inspired by his Uncle Roy, who was a veterinarian, to study medicine and become an army doctor. Became a surgeon in 1932. Has a son Cory who is a dentist

Name: BJ Hunnicut
Rank: Captain
Serial No: US94539204

Studied at Stanford Medical School then did his medical residency in Sausilito California. Before Leaving for Korea he did 5 weeks army training at Fort Sam Houston. He is married to Peg and has a baby daughter called Erin (and a dog called Waggle) Comes from 3 generations of doctors. Married Peg on the 24th May. Attended Stanford Medical School.


Name: Charles Emerson Winchester III
Rank: Major
Serial No: US21020980

His hometown is Boston. Graduated top of his class from Harvard Medical School in 1943. Has a sister, Honoria


Name: Maxwell Q. Klinger
Rank: Corporal (later promoted to Sergeant)
Serial No: RA15971782

His hometown is Toledo, Ohio. He comes from a large family, his parents came to America from Lebanon. Spends most of his time trying to prove he’s crazy so that he can get out of the army


Name: John Francis Patrick Mulcahy
Rank: Lieutenant (later promoted to Captain)
Serial No: RA11295403

Inspired to become a chaplain by Fr Marty “Boom Boom” Gallagher. Studied for the priesthood in Philadelphia. Has a sister, Katherine, who is a nun.


Name: Jonathan S. Tuttle
Rank: Captain
Serial No:US39729966

Born in 1924 in Battlecreek Michigan. Studied at Berlin Polytechnic Is 6’4″ 195 pounds with auburn hair and hazel eyes. Parents: Harry and Frieda

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